5 Tips for Choosing YOUR Wedding Photographer

  1. Start looking right away!
     Wedding photographers that are in demand tend to book as much as a year in advance! At a minimum, you should be speaking with potential photographers at least six months before your wedding date. Finding YOUR photographer on short notice will be tough!

  2. Narrow down your options. 
    Price should be the last concern. Of all the things you invest in for your wedding day, the images are what live on to stand the test of time! Focus on the photographer(s) who's style you love. Then once you have more than one aspect and style to love ( and you will), you can narrow down further by their personality.

  3. Meet with YOUR potential photographer.
    Once you speak with them you can get to know each other, have a better understanding of their personality, their work-flow, and be more informed to make the decision that is best for you!

    The best way to make sure your expectations are met, is to ask questions when you meet with your potential photographer.

  5. Dedicate the time. 
    When all things have been considered, you can be confident that you have the right photographer for your special day! Figure out exactly who's style and personality you love, go over final details, sign the contract, and look forward to having heirloom images from your wedding! 

Driftwood Outdoor Wedding

I was asked to be a part of a fun outdoor wedding in a really nice location. The Meadow Barn in Driftwood, Texas was a great location to photograph a wedding! Nothing says "fun" much like an outdoor wedding in South Texas! I had much fun with this group, and really love the photographs that were captured during this wedding!

The Blink Conference (2015)

Though 2015 is the third year for the Blink Conference, I was present for my second conference as a "Blinkee" (as attendees are dubbed.) This year the conference was held in Austin Texas and despite the  crazy Texas weather we had been having, thankfully the conference agenda was not affected. If you grew up with distant relatives, whom you'd visit once a year, then you know the way it feels to anticipate the annual visit of this conference. Though we are  not related, it's very much the "family reunion" of photographers in many aspects.

Through encouragement, positive motivation, real life experiences, and a bit of straightforward
"kicks in the rear," you are boosted to be a better photographer, business owner, and individual person...all things that many need to hear! (Myself included.) We all need reminders, and we all can "hear or read" them, but being moved to DO them is the sort of thing that many in this industry have a hard time with. It would be a rare thing for anyone to not implement what they learn, at least in one, small way after attending this conference. I was looking forward to seeing friends again, discussing industry topics, and of course shooting together.
In that regard, there were two opportunities for this...the group shooting and smaller "breakout" sessions. 
For the group shooting session, I was a part of Reginald Campbell's engagement session. This took me outside my general comfort zone because I had a film camera on hand (which is not my normal workflow use) and a Fuji X100s as a sort of fail-safe to get a few digital images. Although I do not have any scanned negatives to include in this blog post, here are a few from that session from the Fuji: 

Side note: Reginald is a fantastic wedding photographer who's style favors him shooting solely film for weddings. You can find his work at http://regcampbell.com/

  After this shoot, I was able to sneak in a photo as I walked past Amanda Diaz's group. Amanda is another amazing photographer who's work everyone should check out! Her stylized shoots are intriguing and always great to see. Here's an example in the model I captured in passing:  

Isn't  that something else?!? As I turned the corner, there was another model who had the most amazing look so I also had to photograph her as well. Here is that photo:

Sometimes I simply can't resist to photograph someone, and that's why I'm always glad I have some form of camera on me at all times.

The second scheduled portion of shooting was with the fantastic Spanki Gring Mills! I cannot speak enough of how much I admire her personality, and loved working with her! In a tough situation of shooting with the sun overhead, we had a great time photographing a few seniors that traveled with the conference. The beautiful thing is that though there were multiple photographers, in numerous lighting situations, we were all able to capture unique photographs! Here are some of mine captured with a Nikon D7000 and Fuji X100s (last three):

As I mentioned before, I had all kinds of fun while at this conference. The location at Lone Star Court was perfect for me since it was close to home (kind of.) Next year it will be in Palm Springs, which is another place I'd love to visit. I'm looking forward to it! 

Sanchez Wedding - San Antonio Texas

Despite the rain trying to put a damper on the wedding, it was a huge success! A while before the ceremony was set to begin, it started to rain. The staff at Granberry Hills were awesome at keeping things dry under the patio and just before it actually started, they dried everything as if there was no rain that day. I should also mention that the details of this wedding were amazing and fun to shoot! Lots of laughter, lots of dancing, made for a great evening!  I was delighted to be a part of this couples wedding!

Although I mentioned the rain, I should note that it did make for an epic photo opportunity that doesn't happen every day! Seriously, how often does a couple get photo-bombed by a rainbow?!? 

As I mentioned, plenty of dancing...

Of course, I couldn't resist taking a few black and white!

JL and Nicole Wedding

When I met these two, I knew from that first conversation that they would be a very fun couple to create images for. Now, I do have fun at every wedding I'm photographing, though on occasion the wedding party exceeds my own simple expectations of fun. (This was that kind of wedding.) The sense of humor and fun spread beyond the couple to their friends and family which made the whole experience among the best I've had to date. When I say "my kind of clients," know that I had a fun-filled day of excitement that I would love to relive with every couple I meet! 

The Blogging Life

Sometimes, we have to put forth extra effort!
Sometimes, the things that we had not done prior, are things that we must do now.
Sometimes, the first step is recognition...then we have to form a new plan.
Sometimes, the routine must become former; and a new way must be made.
At this time, that is what you will see...  

Updating the website...

Hello everyone,
 Just wanted to let you all know that although it's been a while, the blog will be taking shape, and soon at that. I'm really excited to be bringing you a look into the many happenings of Tim's Solution!! From weddings in South Texas and beyond, to portrait work and many other ideas it's going to be fun! Let me also take a moment to thank everyone who has supported, commented, followed, liked, and provided encouragement in one form or another. A person may not realize the extent to which they help another (me) and know that I'm forever grateful. Hope everyone has a great one!

Warm regards,